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To entrepreneurs, business is very personal

Updated: Aug 2, 2018

What happens to my business happens to me, too

By Roger Pierce

Unless you are an entrepreneur, it's impossible to understand just how intensely personal running a business can be.

Few entrepreneurs can separate work events from personal feelings, and it’s probably best to not even try. It’s who we are.

I live and breathe my business even when I’m trying not to think about it. It's incredibly important to me and the prosperity of my family. This is more than just a career—it's my life.

What happens to my business also happens to me:

  • When cash flow is tight, I get stressed out.

  • If a prospect rejects my sales pitch, my self-esteem suffers.

  • When a deal doesn’t turn out the way I want, I feel frustrated.

  • When a competitor wins a client, my blood boils.

  • When an invoice is overdue, I am anxious.

  • When people don't return emails, I feel offended.

To the entrepreneur, the numbers that matter aren't simply accounting entries. Failing to close a deal may mean junior doesn't get braces this year. A late-paying client could cause a scramble to pay the rent. An unexpected tax bill might scrap plans for a much needed family vacation.

It's not just business, it's personal.

On the flip side, when things go well (which usually means there's money in the bank), I feel good about myself and the world around me. My mood is lighter and I'm more optimistic because we can pay our bills, put gas in the car and maybe even go out for dinner.

If you are dealing with a business owner, please remember how personal it all is to that individual. You're not dealing with a large company, but likely a company of one—so reply to their email, pay the invoice on time or take a moment to hear them out.

What happens to my business happens to me. For better and for worse, we are one.

So please forgive me if I get a little wound up now and then—it’s just business.

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