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Our Mission

Everyone likes the idea of entrepreneurship.

90% of people want to be their own boss. So why aren’t more people starting up?


Most people don’t know:


  • Where to start

  • How to get funding

  • If they’ve got what it takes to succeed.


We created this website to help Unsure Entrepreneurs.

Our mission is to remove the uncertainty of entering entrepreneurship by helping you take a good hard look at what's involved in running a small business.


If you're an Unsure Entrepreneur, you likely want to know:


  • What’s it like to be an entrepreneur

  • About advantages, disadvantages & risks of owning a business

  • Whether to buy a business, open a franchise, or start from scratch

  • The steps required to launch

  • Where to access community support, mentorship & advice

  • How to get start-up money

  • About helpful organizations, programs, and resources.


Use the resources on this website to explore entrepreneurship and decide if it’s for you. Listen to our Podcast, read our Blog, and visit the Resources page.

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