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Position as an Expert in Solving Your Customers' Pain, Encourages Marketer Chala Dincoy

Chala Dincoy began her career as a marketer for major corporations like Pepsi, Pizza Hut, and Frito-Lay. Her experience in these roles equipped her with deep insights into corporate purchasing decisions, which she now leverages to help B2B service providers reposition their marketing messages as The Repositioning Expert.

She specializes in refining the way businesses present themselves to decision-makers, ensuring their pitches are clear, compelling, and effective.

I caught up with Chala in a recent episode of The Unsure Entrepreneur podcast.

We talk about about her journey into entrepreneurship and the advice she has for business owners to be able to compete more effectively in a crowded marketplace. I also ask her to about this intriguing state of being she calls an "abundance mindset."

One of the key takeaways from Chala's interview is the critical importance of a well-crafted elevator pitch. She notes that two out of three small business owners never get asked for their business card or even for a meeting after delivering their pitch. Chala's expertise lies in transforming these introductions into opportunities for engagement. She states, "I change what's coming out of their mouth to ensure it leads to asking prospects for their information or a sales appointment."

Super niching for success

Chala emphasizes the concept of "super niching" as a strategy to stand out in competitive markets.

By focusing on a specific niche, businesses can tailor their messaging to address the unique pain points of their target audience. "When you're super niched, your messaging conveys that you're an expert in their pain and that you serve nobody else but them," she explains. This approach not only makes marketing efforts more effective but also helps in building a strong reputation as a specialist.

In the podcast, you'll hear us discuss a significant barrier for many new entrepreneurs: the mindset around pricing their services.

Chala shares her experience of overcoming a scarcity mindset, which she attributes to her upbringing in an immigrant family that valued frugality. She recounts how hiring a coach helped her quadruple her prices overnight by changing her mindset. "It's not about diplomas or certifications — it's all mindset. If you believe in your worth, others will too," she says. This shift in perspective is crucial for business owners looking to grow their revenues and customer base.

Hiring a coach or mentor is an investment, not an expense.

Here are three other lessons Chala has learned from running her business:

  • Regular and consistent marketing efforts are essential. Whether it's through content creation, social media, or networking, staying visible and relevant to your target audience is key.

  • Building multiple income streams helps manage cash flow and reduces dependency on a single source of revenue. This can include offering various services, creating online courses, or publishing books.

  • Hiring a coach or mentor can provide valuable guidance and accelerate your business growth. It's important to choose someone who is a step ahead of you and has proven success in their field.

As you'll hear in the interview, Chala strongly believes in the power of strategic positioning, mindset shifts, and continuous learning. For those entrepreneurs trying to build a business, her advice is clear: "Do everything you can — borrow, beg, and steal — to hire the right coach, and then you'll see your business really change."

Listen to this amazing episode of The Unsure Entrepreneur.

[Photo credit: Chala Dincoy]

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