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How Nate Simpson Leapt From Longtime Employee to Entrepreneur

Nate Simpson's transition from a seasoned fire protection expert to the founder of his own business is a narrative rich with lessons on overcoming fear and seizing opportunities.

In a revealing interview on The Unsure Entrepreneur Podcast, Nate shares the motivations and challenges behind his leap into entrepreneurship, shedding light on the mindset shifts required to thrive in business development.

His company, Nate Simpson Business Development, provides specialized services for clients in the architecture, engineering, and construction sectors to optimize their processes and boost revenue. Nate's approach is simple yet powerful, as he explains, "I help clients to make more money and to retain existing clients." This focus on strategic growth and client engagement is born from Nate's deep understanding of the industry's needs and the value of expertise.

Had to scratch an "entrepreneurial itch."

Discussing his initial hesitations about entrepreneurship in the podcast, Nate openly describes his struggle with risk aversion — a common barrier for many aspiring business owners.

"I was quite risk averse, so any career move that I did make up to [becoming an entrepreneur] was always with a dried contract in hand. I always knew where I was going next," Nate says.

For Nate, the transition to entrepreneurship was not just about business; it was a personal transformation that required him to confront and overcome his fears. Although his decision to start his own business was a significant departure from his usual cautious approach, he was driven by a desire to explore his interest in business development and an "entrepreneurial itch" he felt compelled to scratch.

Nate embraced risk and stepped confidently into entrepreneurship.

In 2022, he left his job of almost 10 years and moved into self-employment. He's never looked back.

Nate embraced risk and stepped confidently into entrepreneurship. "It gave me an opportunity to add something else to my career, a new way to engage with clients," he explains. And he's found success serving a niche market of smaller professional services firms that can greatly benefit from his business development expertise.

Nate’s story is a compelling example for anyone feeling hesitant about stepping into entrepreneurship. His experience underlines that with the right mindset, a clear understanding of your industry, and a willingness to face fears, the transition from employee to entrepreneur can lead to fulfilling and profitable outcomes.

Click here to listen to this episode of The Unsure Entrepreneur.

[Photo: Nate Simpson]

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